"We run a website design company from our home, so having fast, stable internet services is critical to our business. Canada Surfs network and people have been reliable partners from the start."
- Joshua Perina, Geographical Media Inc., Jackfish Lake, Alberta
“We have been clients of Broadband Surfer/Canadasurfs for numerous years with very little down time. We have been very impressed by the speed and knowledge of staff to recognize, troubleshoot and/or repair any problems. We are also impressed by their committment to the community."
- Lorne, Heather and Lexie Prunkl, Graminia, Alberta
"In the three years that we have had high speed internet with Stephen's company  we have been extremly happy. Stephen and his staff have always gone that extra step to make sure that our needs were being met. Stephen has upgraded the internet service in our area at least three times and always phones to check and see if the upgrades were working. I know people who are with other companies and they are treated just like a number not so with Stephen's company . I would recommend high speed through Stephen to anybody."
- Robb and Darcy Allen,Stony Plain, Alberta 
"Today is day 9 of the new install and we couldn't be happier. The service is working awesome with only the slightest hiccup every now and then, which is no different then any high speed out there. Thank you, canadasurfs, for taking the extra time and effort to make this possible not only for us but for future prospects in the area."
- Ed & Cindy,Wabamun Lake, Alberta
"I have been using Canadasurfs since its inception and both the service and the support is exemplary. We are out in the woods and yet I do not feel isolated as there is a speedy wide band connexion to the world right here far from cable and DSL. If it were not for Stephen and Liz Friend I would be still on miserable dialup. They have done the unthinkable and set up a high transmission tower and given all of us here the option to tie into the rest of the planet and for me it was what has kept me living out here as I seriously considered moving to the city if I could not get wide band. The service does not seem affected by snow or rain at all. I have checked and never has it mattered at all as to what the outside conditions have been. It is important to note that Canadasurfs treats all of us as important customers and if there is a need to contact them, they answer the phone and are there for each of us. It is personal service and it is trustworthy and friendly. I am very pleased with it and with the service and the personal value that they place upon each of us. In turn I wish to recommend to you that you consider Canadasurfs for your internet needs. They are here to stay and with this tall tower, they send a solid signal a long way for his neighbors near and far." 
- Neil Fiertel, Woodbend  Area, Alberta 

*We have been customers of Canadasurfs right from the beginning. We had actually met Stephen at the local Graminia soccer league. We did not have an easy set up, as we are just below the top of a hill that is heavily treed, limiting our access to the main tower. Stephen had started off trying a pole on our roof, which was unsuccessful. Next he put up a tower near our house which we tried for a bit, but still could not get good access. We then ended up putting up a tower beside a shed a number of yards away from the house and then trenched cable to our house. We had to put extra guy wires out to keep our tower stable as it was as high as was allowed. So over the course of quite a few months of trial and error, Stephen was able to get us set up with very good internet service. We appreciated his patience and tenacity with trying to get us service that was steady and reliable. It was definitely not a standard set up. In the years we have been on canadasurfs, whenever we have had any issues, such as adapters that quit, installing wireless routers, or  adjusting the receiver, Stephen has always been quick to help and get it fixed up, even during the temporary service we had when the main tower had come down.  Great customer service all the way! Thank you!"

- Tim and Trish Drader, Graminia Area, Alberta
"Thank you, Canadasurfs, for providing excellent wireless, high speed internet since the fall of 2008. Until we were connected to high speed internet, our connection to the internet over ‘Dial-up’ was slow and frustrating. When we decided to try wireless internet, we contacted another local provider, but they were unable to get a strong enough signal from their tower. Canadasurfs' customer service during our system installation was outstanding. I appreciate the effort taken to ensure we had a strong signal from the beginning, as we have had consistent high speed service.I am often surprised at how well the wireless antenna works, even in a driving rain storm or a winter blizzard. I have seen our antenna thickly covered in frost, yet the service has been unaffected. Having a reliable high speed internet service has made doing things online so much easier. Thank you!"
- Kevin David, Stony Plain, Alberta

"I'd like to say that I appreciated the help you provided in getting hi speed to our acreage... it was a difficult location to get a signal to because of all the trees, but we got it done without losing any trees, and at a reasonable cost. Two other companies would not take the time to try to get things worked out at this location, and just kind of disappeared. Your help in getting tower information was great and we really appreciate the personal service we get on an ongoing basis."

 - Peter Prins, Devon Area, Alberta 

"I choose not to be a slave to big box corporate internet providers. I proudly support local organic options, and am never disapointed - canadasurfs is a low fat, cholesterol free, healthy choice for body, mind, pc, and finances."

 - J.P, Hillbilly Central, Alberta

"Two years ago Broadband Surfer rescued us from the tedium of snail-paced dial-up, allowing us to reliably access the high speed internet despite our challenging location. The service and support from this "grass roots" ISP has been excellent." 

- P.Kent, Parkland County, Alberta

"Hello Stephen, I have to tell you that I am happy with your service. We have been using it for 2 years now and find that it works well and we have had minimal down time. Keep up the great work."

- Harry Schoepp, Parkland County, Alberta

"Stephen and the Supporting Cast at Broadband Surfer Canada Inc - I contacted Stephen 3 years ago about broadband internet service and he came and hooked me up. I am extremely pleased with the service and the support Stephen and his crew offer. My service is reliable. I have always received expeditious service when I have experienced problems. I would highly recommend the services of Broadband Surfer Canada Inc. to supply your broadband internet service. The service is first rate and they do not make excuses; they make it happen."

- Kevin Porter, Parkland County, Alberta 

The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere appreciation of the level of service that I have received from Broadband Surfer Canada. First of all, the installation was quick and painless. Secondly, the ongoing level of service has been very high. When there was a glitch – such as when the power to a tower supplying service to Broadband Surfer Canada went down – the response to my phone call was quick and straight forward. Thirdly, the internet speed has been consistently good, even in inclement weather. I have no hesitation in recommending Broadband Surfer Canada to other residents of Parkland County."

- Harold Knopke, Spruce Grove Area

We are open for another season here at Cannor Nurseries. I want to thank you for the prompt attention you paid to our service issues. Due to the heavy snow and Ice, our dish needed to be worked on and you came quickly and resolved the problem. Being out in the country, we don not have options for high speed internet. If you were not providing your great service, Cannor Nurseries would not have been able to install our new POS (point of sale) system. We needed to be able to provide remote access for the system to be maintained by the company who sold us the cash registers and equipment. These folks are in Calgary! We absolutely needed to have high speed internet to get the job done! Having consistent internet connection and quick resolution to any problems is very important to our business. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

- Deborah Bodine, Cannor Nurseries, Woodbend Rd., Alberta

Do you remember how cold it was when you installed the Internet Service on our house? I remember, and I am glad it was you and not me on the roof. It is now going on five years since we go rid of slow...dial up. I could walk to New York quicker than I could download an article from the New york Times – now it is almost instant. My family and I enjoy exceptional high-speed Internet service. Just the other day we were able to download a very large software program for our computer. Previously I would have had to take the computer to my office in Edmonton and download the program there. Also thank you for the advise you give me when I call. We are very happy with the service and wish you well.”

- Brian Stecyk, Graminia Area, Alberta

Thank you for sending out someone to look at my service. They adjusted the receiver which was out of line a bit. Signal was good. Thank you very much for your quick response and help....... your technicians were very helpful.
- Jim Benedict, Spruce Grove Area, Alberta
We have been customers of Broadband Surfer Canada since Sept. 2008.  All of our dealings with Surfer Canada have been professional as well as exceptional.  Initially we had some growing pains going from “dial-up” to “high speed” internet but were helped through the process and have come to depend on our “high speed” connection. Stephen and Liz as well as others involved in the Broadband Surfer Canada Company have been excellent to deal with and have rectified problems quickly if they arise.  An example of this is when a mini tornado took out their internet tower last summer.  The whole team banned together to install new extended hardware at residences so that their customers would not be left without a connection. The team at Broadband Surfer Canada definitely cares about their customers and it shows.I would not hesitate recommending Broadband Surfer Canada to anyone, in fact I often do!
- Mary-Jane Sykes

Great Service from Local Business (sent  to Stony Plain Reporter - Rants and Raves)                                     

A quick note of thanks to Stephen and Birgith at Broadband Surfer Canada for the excellent customer service over the past few years.  It is great to have reliable high speed internet service although it is the customer service that I am most impressed with.  Anytime I have had an issue that requires support a prompt phone call or immediate attention is given through the server.  Thank you for adding to the fine business community Parkland County can be proud of.

- Brandy Schutz,  24/7 Wastewater Transport

We live somewhat remotely, off of the electrical and phone grids. The Broadband Surfer tower across the valley provides us with quite reliable internet access with little demand on our solar supply. We understand that the tower itself is solar powered as well, and we appreciate this locally owned and administered, nature powered connection with the rest of the planet!
- Heather Plaizier, Parkland County, Alberta
I am very happy after only 1 day of switching my internet services to your company. You guys have delivered! I am already recommending you to others in the area!
- Dave & Ruth Melin, Stony Plain