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If you need something faster - call us at 780-669-1001 or email us at support@canadasurfs.net and ask us about our custom packages!   We hope you enjoy all the upgrades we have completed to our network this year and our new website.

Home of Canadasurfs High Speed Internet

Broadband Surfer Canada Inc, the home of Canadasurfs high speed internet began providing internet in Parkland County in 2005.  From its humble beginnings with one tower, the company expanded to 18 deployments and continues to expand. Our network and equipment is regularly upgraded. We utilize the expertise of leading resellers, recognizing this provides you access to leading edge developments and services. Our connection to Alberta's SuperNet is just one example of using premier services.

Our installations are not contracted out; so not only do you recieve a quality installation but you are also assured we carry the required WCB and liability insurance.We hire community members and use local business where possible. Despite our growth, we continue to get to know our clients on a first name basis as we spend the time during the free site check and installation to ensure it is solid, meaning years of trouble free service.  This attention to quality is evident throughout our network and the redundancy builit in - the impact of disaster has been tested and our services re-established in record time. As a rural family based business, we know our reputation is closely connected to providing a solid service. 

We care about and limit our impact on the environment. Not only do we conduct our billing through email thereby reducing our carbon imprint; we have one tower that is 100% off the grid powered by sun and wind and plans are in the works for additional sites that are fueled only by green power. Our towers are compliant with Municipal, Provincial and Federal Laws and Regulations. Our responsible development means that you will have no worries of service being discontinued as a result to non-compliance.

We offer a one year contract as we know we don't need to lock you into a three year contract.  Our service is that good that our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.  We have never raised our rates from $49.95 per month with no additional usage charges.  All clients to must adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy, which specifies our fair access rules.  We also protect you information through our Privacy Policy.   Feel free to review the policies or call us at 780-669-1001 to find out more!

Contact us @ 780-669-1001 or support@canadasurfs.net

Ask us about our Snowbird Specials!

March 2017 - Would you like to help improve quality of internet serfvice in your area?  We are working with the federal government, collecting speed test results to help identify areas of need.  Whether you're a customer or ours or not, your speed test results can help!  Click here for instructions!

January 2012 - Broadband Surfer Canada Inc was awarded Outstanding Business of the Month by the County of Parkland.  Referred to during the presentation as the "pioneer" of the industry, Canadasurfs is now in it's 7th year of operation and is still going strong.  Thank you to our great clients, staff and suppliers for making this possible

$49.95 per Month!

No additional charges for usage on a one year contract! For a Free Site Check call now 780-669-1001 or email accounts@canadasurfs.net  See our services and pricing page for details.