Router Troubleshooting FAQ's

What do I do first if I suspect a problem with my router?

The first thing to do when you suspect a problem with your internet or router is to unplug the power from the router, leave it unplugged for thirty seconds, and plug it back in.
This restarts the router and fixes most problems. 
After restarting the router, try to log into it.  If you can log into the router, you know the connection from the computer to the router is working.  
Otherwise, the problem is either the computer or the router itself.

My wireless connection is slow or is weak

A slow or weak wireless connection is usually due to distance, obstructions, or interference.  Changing the channel of the router may help, as can moving the router to a different location.  Linksys has a wonderful page to help with these types of problems, available here.  

I can log into my router, but cannot go online

If you can log into your router, the connection between the computer and router is working, so the problem lies either with the router or the internet connection.Log into the router, and look at the status page. The key piece of information is the IP Address.  If the address is blank, is listed as or begins with 169.254, then the router has been unable to get an address from the internet.  Check to make sure the cable from the internet is plugged into the Internet/WAN port in the back of the router firmly, and then hit the DHCP Renew button.  If this does not correct the problem, try plugging a computer directly into the internet connection rather than going through the router.  If the computer cannot get online, the problem is likely the internet, while if the computer can get online the router likely needs to be reset or replaced.

If  the router is able to get a valid address but cannot access the internet.  This can be due to a problem with the router, but may also be a problem with the internet.  Please call Broadband Surfer Canada at 780-686-7873.

I don’t know the password to get into my router

If you have changed the password to log into your router, and do not remember what the password is, you will have to reset the router back to default settings and re-configure it.  See Resetting Your Router above.  If you change the log in password, make sure you write it down and tape it to the router to prevent losing the password in the future.

I can’t remember my wireless password

By following the instructions for Configuring Your Wireless Router, you can access the wireless security page.  From here, you can either see your password directly, or change it to a new password.  Remember to write down your password on a sticky note or small piece of paper and tape it onto your router.

I can’t connect wirelessly to my router

There are a few things that can cause a computer to not be able to connect to a wireless router. Most notebooks have a physical switch on them to turn the wireless card off to save battery power.  In most cases, there is a light to indicate when the card is on.  Try to find this switch, and switch wireless off and back on again to make sure it is in the correct position.

If that does not solve the problem, log into the router and turn off wireless security; this will tell you whether security is the problem or not.  If you are able to connect without wireless security, try different security settings.  Some older computers can only use WPA instead of WPA2, and some will only work on the old WEP standard. 

There are some computers that don’t work wirelessly unless security is turned off completely, though this is something we strongly recommend against. If security does not appear to be the problem, try changing the channel. Some brands of wireless equipment don’t like some channels, and changing to a different channel can remedy this.