Buying a Router

Routers can be found in any computer or electronics store, and are relatively inexpensive.  While all routers provide the same basic functions, there are variations in advanced features (which most home owners won’t use) and in quality. We recommend discussing which router best suits your needs with the staff of the store before purchasing.  Due to power fluctuations common in rural areas, routers tend to have short life spans; so we also suggest purchasing extended  in-store warranty on routers. It’s far better to spend $10 now than to pay $100 for a new router a year and a half from now.

In most cases you are better off buying an inexpensive router from a quality brand than an expensive router from a poor one.  We recommend the ASUS brand in particular as they are easier to set up than most and are good value for money.  For most households, a basic model like the RT-N12 is sufficient.  Particularly large homes may need a more powerful router.

Wireless coverage may also be extended through the use of wireless repeaters.  Many of the ASUS routers can be used as repeaters, making them both versatile and less expensive than dedicated wireless repeaters by other brands.

Common Router Manufacturers

Asus –, Tech support: 1 (888) 678-3688

Belkin –, Tech support: 1 (800) 223-5546

Dlink –, Tech support: 1 (800) 361-5265

Linksys/Cisco –, Tech support: 1 (800) 326-7114 

Netgear –, Tech support: 1 (888) NET-GEAR (638-4327)