Services and Pricing

Free Site Check:We don't believe in charging you to find out you can't get service. If you are in an area where we believe we can provide service, we will come out and check it for free, scheduling the installation at the same time. If we can't provide the service, you will not pay a cent! Call us at 780-686-7873 to schedule an appointment.

One Year Contract:We know that we don't need to lock you into a three year contract as our service is that good. Once they subscribe, our customers stay with us. We have no interest in having clients who are not receiving a quality product, having to wait out three year contracts. Many clients have transferred to our service after buying out contracts or waiting for them to expire. You will pay more for our installations as we charge you our basic costs; however, the key to good service is a quality installation and you will experience the difference with our service.

One Price for Residential/Home Office:Canadasurfs has never raised its rate from $49.95 per month despite the increased applications and demands for bandwidth. We don't bill for additional usage. All clients must adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy, which requires our clients comply with our fair access rules. Feel free to review the policy or call us at 780-669-1001 to find out more!

Larger Businesses: The needs of larger enterprises are individualized and may require unique solutions. If you run a larger operation and require services, call us at 780-669-1001 to discuss your needs.

The Basic Residential/Home Office Package includes:

Basic Package
  • Free assessment of your premises
  • Rental of subscriber module and access to the World Wide Web through Alberta's SuperNet
  • Professional installation with surge suppression to one computer connection (outside wall) 
  • Technical internet support (note application/routers issues are not supported)
  • $49.95  + GST per month on a 1 year renewable contract
  • $400.00 + GST installation charge 
  • Please ask for our specials including our SnowBird  Package
  • If additional work is required, we will discuss the cost with you up front - so there are no surprises!
VOIP Phone Compatibility:

The extensive use of Cambium (Motorola) radios combined with connection to the world wide web through the SuperNet allows for compatibility with most VOIP services available.

Minimum Computer Requirements:


  • Pentium 2 400MHz or faster up to current technologies ie: i7 or Phenom II
  • Direct connect 10/100/1000  Ethernet Interface
  • Virus Protection Program
  • Windows from Windows 98 up to current OS levels


  • PowerPC
  • iPad's (through WiFi access on router)
  • iPhones (through WiFi access on router)
  • Direct connect using10/100/1000 Ethernet Interface
  • Virus Protection program
  • MacOS 8.6- up to current OS
*Our high-speed internet can operate on a system with lower  specifications,  however, performance is hampered.