Plugging in Your Router

The  diagram below gives an idea of how your home network should be set up.  The internet cable coming from the wall should go to the power supply, then to the router, and lastly to any computers plugged in using an internet cable.
Router set up
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If you look at the back of your router, you should see a port for the power cable and five receptacles for internet cables.  Four of these receptacles are right next to one another and are usually numbered one to four – these receptacles allow you to plug in computers.  The last receptacle is usually labelled WAN or Internet, and should be plugged into your internet connection.Once the internet, computers, and power are plugged in, the lights on the front of the router should turn on.
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The lights will differ on other models and brands of routers, but should resemble one of the two photos below. If the internet light is turned off, there is no internet connection to the router.  Make sure the internet cable in the internet/WAN port of the router and the internet cables in the power supply are all firmly in place.  If the light is still not lit, there is likely a problem with the internet, please look at our guide to troubleshooting the internet
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