About Us

Established and Expanding: Canadasurfs began providing High Speed Internet in 2005 within the County of Parkland and has continued its' growth at a steady pace both in its customer base and in establishing new locations including broadcasting in the Counties of Leduc and Lac Ste Anne. We currently boast 19 broadcast locations and have several more in the planning stage. We focus on expanding  our service to unserved or underserved areas. Call us at 780-669-1001 to let us know about your service needs.

Customer Service:  As a rural family owned business, we know reputation is everything and the majority of our sales comes from word of mouth. We are heavily invested in your satisfaction.  We know that a good installation will mean years of trouble free service. By spending our time up-front, our clients come to know our team, and we come to know you and your location characteristics, making trouble shooting, if required, much easier. Call or Email us at support@canadasurfs.net  with your questions.

Leading Edge: Many providers attempt to do it all. We built our network on the expertise and investment already made by the top providers. We second source where it makes sense so you receive the best products available at a great price. This allows us to expand with quick turn around times and limited expansion costs to network wide infrastructure. Our connection through Alberta's SuperNet is just one example of using the best  resources available!

Supporting the Local Ecomony: We support local business not only by providing a solid, reliable, affordable service but by buying local whenever we can.  We have provided work experience opportunities for our youth and hire locally. We partner with land owners in developing equitable and fair leases that will ensure the sustainability of the service over the long run. 

Reliability:  Our networks are built with redundancy meaning that if there is a problem in one area, we can generally reconnect through another route. The impact of a disaster has been tested and our services have been well proven to be reestablished in record time. We ensure the installation at your location is done well, thus reducing potential outages and down time. In addition, we work with other local providers in coordinating our signals to reduce the potential impacts of interference. 

Conserving the Environment: In addition to billing clients via email, canadasurfs has made considerable investment in using green power.  We have one tower that is 100% off the grid - powered by sun and wind.

Regulatory Compliance: Our towers are compliant with Municipal, Provincial and Federal Laws and Regulations. You will have no worries about service being discontinued as a result of non-compliance.

Safety and Liability:  Broadband Surfer does not contract Installers. We hire our own staff; thereby, insuring they are properly trained, have the right equipment and are covered by WCB and our Liability Insurance.  Our staff are Fall Protection Certified. We install surge suppression at your location in order to protect your home and equipment, working with you to ensure your installation is properly grounded.

Your Privacy: We will not provide your information to others in a manner that is not consistent with our Privacy Policy . Your privacy is treated with the utmost respect.